At Knoll Terrace, the lifestyle you've wanted is very affordable.

All hook-up fees and similar costs are included in the "Community Package", so there are no hidden charges to pay.


Monthly Lot Lease
Starts at
(note 1)
$ 650.00
Utilities Reimbursements *
Water Metered


Garbage $19.00
Total Utilities $99.00


* The Utilities Reimbursement rates include the minimum amounts charged by the City of Canyonville for sewer service to a single family home with a 3/4" water meter, plus the rate charged by South Umpqua Disposal Company for weekly pickup of one 32-gallon container.


The best part: The annual lot lease increase is limited to CPI or 5% maximum. That is a written promise from Knoll Terrace to you!