At Knoll Terrace, the lifestyle you've wanted is very affordable.

All hook-up fees and similar costs are included in the "Community Package", so there are no hidden charges to pay.


Monthly Lot Lease
Starts at
(note 1)
$ 543.00
Utilities Reimbursements
(note 2)
Water Metered


Garbage $19.00
Total Utilities $99.00


1. Certain lot leases are either $25 or $50 per month more due to special locations and features (primarily view lots).

2. The Utilities Reimbursement rates include the minimum amounts charged by the City of Canyonville for sewer service to a single family home with a 3/4" water meter, plus the rate charged by South Umpqua Disposal Company for weekly pickup of one 32-gallon container.


The best part: The annual lot lease increase is limited to CPI or 5% maximum. That is a written promise from Knoll Terrace to you!