• My husband and I moved here about 1 year ago. We love Knoll Terrace! This is a gorgeous place to live for an incredibly reasonable price. All of the homes are so well kept and the neighbors are great. Small town living at its best!

    Bobby and Victoria Doyle
  • When my husband and I were planning for retirement, we were looking for something rural. Being raised in rural Pennsylvania, we knew that San Diego was not the place to stay. I had heard and read advertisements for modular villages in the Southern Oregon area and decided to check them out. We decided on Knoll Terrace because it was rural and there were no association fees.

    After almost 13 years of happy, comfortable living, there have been no regrets. In fact, two other couples followed us here. Since I am now alone, I have no fear of being in the community by myself. The neighbors are always aware of my coming and going. I am here for quite some time in the foreseeable future.

    Connie Gentle
  • My husband and I moved into the Knoll Terrace manufactured home community in 2004. We came from California and fell in love with Oregon. We were motivated by the Oregon landscape; the beautiful rivers, lakes and awesome mountains. Knoll Terrace was the answer! I have been here 12 years now and have never regretted the move. If you're looking for perfection you will not find it. Great community, great neighbors and a nice place to retire, you will find! Two hours to Crater Lake or if you prefer, the Oregon coastline. Canyonville is a small town, quiet and friendly.

    Judi H.
  • We knew we wanted to move to the Canyonville, Oregon area. We met Andi Harris a couple years prior to purchasing; to tour some homes and learn about the community. Andi was very helpful and when our home sold in Washington, we contacted her to see what was available. We found a good deal and got to make the house our own. We love how convenient it is to walk to town if you desire and how beautiful the Knoll Terrace community is maintained. The residents are very friendly and the weather isn't much different from up North, just longer summers. For us the one big selling point was the secure feeling of the community.

    Steve & Gale Johnson
  • After a lifetime of living and commuting in and around big cities, my wife and I settled in Knoll Terrace. Canyonville is a quiet, little town which sits in forested mountains and lies on the South Umpqua River. It's an area I've grown to love with lots of outdoor, volunteer and social activities available. My concerns about living in a manufactured home were totally overblown. Most impressive are:
    • how well the homes are insulated (2x6" walls, thick floor and ceiling insulation and practically air tight
    • the outside watering systems that let us leave for months at a time with minimal upkeep
    • on a new home we had the freedom to change the design to fit our lifestyle (we changed a lot!)
    • a community that looks out for each other...and I really do like most of them
    • that 12 years later, I have had no major repairs except for replacing a water heater
    With the advent of Amazon and other services like that, I don't miss living close to big shopping but if you really want it, it's just 25 miles North or 40 miles South on I5. Knoll Terrace was a lucky find and I plan to stay and enjoy it.

    Larry Ames
  • When we retired and decided to move to Oregon, we were looking for a 55+ manufactured home community that was attractive and affordable. We made several trips to Oregon; looking at communities from Portland down to Salem and nothing satisfied us. Then, we found Knoll Terrace! The homes here are beautiful, the landscaping and views are exceptional, and the people are wonderful. Everyday we are so happy we chose Knoll Terrace.

    Linda Bell & Ralph Burleson